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About Open Your Eyes to Malmö

What? Open Your Eyes To Malmö is a platform for student of Malmö University and associations/organisations to get to know each other and is arranged two times a year.

When? Autumn 2024.

Why? The purpose is to show the students from everywhere Malmö's rich associations life, and present possibilities to commitment, activities and context. For the associations is it a possibility to get new members/leaders/volunteers.

For whom? Open Your Eyes turns to both international and Swedish students as well as any interested.

Do you/your association want to participate?
The invitation will be sent to associations/organisations that have participated earlier, and other associations/organisations through contacts or sociala medias. Do you want to participate? Send your declaration of interest to, with answers to these questions:
- The contact person the period before and after (for evaluation etc.) the associations fair.
- That you will have at least one person present during all the time the associations fair is ongoing.
- Which activities you have that are encouraging through the sustainability and health perspective (Physical activities or courses/lectures and likewise about the themes).

Visitors do not need to notify in advance.

The Organisers:

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