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This Autumns Participants

The associations/organisations mentioned below will be a part of Open Your Eyes To Malmö Autumn 2023. By clicking the links below you can come directly to the information about the association/organisation and below their names you will find links to more information. If you visit this site on a smartphone, you can just scroll down to see all of the associations/organisations.

Erikshjälpen Second Hand is a children's rights organisation and a second hand-movement with approximately 60 stores all over Sweden that generates revenue to the children's rights-work.
The stores create job opportunities and possibilities for human beings out of regular labour market to get personal development.
There is about 2 000 volunteers in the activities all over Sweden.
In Malmö and in Åkarp, today, we have 290 co-workers 14% employed, 86% job training and volunteers in the ages 16-86 years.
Our volunteers mostly chooses to be volunteers because they want to make a difference, help, be a part of a social context or to get work experience, references and expand their knowledge with for example work in a shop, experience with a cash register, cafeteria activities and other.
We have been in Malmö for 25 years and in Åkarp for 30 years. In our stores, besides the shops, we also have a reception for gifts and a cafeteria. 
We are oppen Tuesday-Friday 11-18 , Saturday-Sunday 11-16. Our stores in Malmö is at Sallerupsvägen 88 and the store in Åkarp is at Lundavägen 51.


Medborgarskolan Malmö
Educational association

Medborgarskolan is the humanist non-formal adult education association that works with converting interest to knowledge. We arrange many different kinds of courses and we also collaborates with different kinds of cultural associations. Medborgarskolan also help people that wants to start a study circle of your own or arrange a cultural event. We can offer free premises, technique, course material, marketing and help with education for leaders and administration. 

Medborgarskolan - Open Your Eyes - Logga2.png
Musikbåten 1 (1).jpg
Art of Drag 1 (1).jpg

Tamam -
Youth Organization

Tamam is a national non-profit youth organisation that creates activities that are free of charge and social meeting places together with children and youth. We pursue different projects with focus on children's rights, anti-racism and a including associations-life. We are now looking for volunteers for homework help in Malmö.

Tamam - verksamhet.jpg

Noaks Ark Mosaik

Noaks Ark Mosaik is a volunteerorganisation that works with hiv-prevention, psychosocial support and counseling and hiv-testing with quick reply. Everyone is welcome to us but we prioritizes the target group migrants and newcomers.

Noaks Ark Mosaik

ReDI School of Digital Integration

ReDI School of Digital Integration- Sweden is a non-profit tech school providing migrants and marginalized locals with focus on women free and equitable access to digital education. We offer our learners free high-quality coding and basic computer courses in combination with a unique career and mentorship program, which includes the chance to collaborate with tech companies, startups and digital industry leaders. Our aim is to provide our learners with valuable digital skills, a growth mindset, strengthened career skills and a strong network of tech professionals to help create new opportunities for all.


RSMH MIttpunkten Malmö

A warm welcome to RSMH Mittpunkten Malmö: The National Association for Social and Mental Health center in Malmö.

Community and peer support. Cheap lunches and coffee, billiards, games, socializing, TV, matches, excursions and activities together.

We share our experiences and knowledge. We are a peer support association that offers community and increased self-confidence and the opportunity for recovery. We wants people who are mentally ill to be met with understanding and respect and given good conditions to get back to a good life. Emergency phone: 0735-639070

Opening hours = when the Scanian flag is up!

Mondays - Fridays at 09.00-c:a 16.00

Saturdays - Sundays usually 09.00-16.00*

*We are also open on weekends/evenings, for example at football and ice hockey and other sport events

OM vi vill komma åt psykisk ohälsa så måste vi gräva mycket djupare.jpg
RSMH Mittpunkten Malmö

Svenska föreningen för Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa (often called Falun Gong) is a Traditional qigong- och meditation method from the Buddha theory. Included in this are five simple and powerful qigong-practices and cultivation of one's heart's nature in accordance with the principles Truth-Goodness and Patience. The method has very good health-effects, suits every age-group and are always free of charge.

Svenska föreningen för Falun Dafa - Open Your Eyes.jpg
Svenska Föreningen för Falun Dafa

Drivhuset Malmö

Drivhuset at Malmö university is available for students that wants to start a project, association or have a business idea. We also arrange events and mingle for networking for students that are interested in entrepreunership.

Everything is free of charge for students. You can find us at the entrance in Niagara and we also help you with coaching from one of our 4 coaches about how you create a project, association or abusiness.

Drivhuset - Open Your Eyes1 (1).jpg
Drivhuset - Open Your Eyes (1).jpg
Drivhuset Malmö

Skåne Stadsmission

Skåne Stadsmission works for a more charitable Skåne. We offer professional support, both acute and long-term, to human beings that lives in vulnerable circumstance of life. The goal is to prevent alienation and strenghten individual's power over its own life.

As a volunteer, amongst other things, you can pack grocery bags, take care of children groups, serve coffee and strengthen the ability in computer-knowledge. We are looking for you that have a heart who thinks, have hands that works and ears that listen. But, above all else, are a fellow human.

Skåne Stadsmission

Allas Lika Värde Föreningen

The associations aim is to work for a positive development for the society within the framework of the basic democratic values; to promote that children, youth and adults through projected achievements will be integrated in the Swedish society no matter gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnical belonging, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation and age.

Allas Lika Värde Förening - Open Your Eyes.jpg
Allas Lika Värde Föreningen

Spelberoendes Förening

Spelberoendes Förening has over 20 years experience of prevent and remedy gambling addiction. Our help targets both gamblers and relatives and consists of big parts of self-help-meetings and individual meetings.
During these meetings, you will get the possibility to meet others that have been or are in a similar situation as yourself.

spelberoendes logo malmö.jpg
Spelberoendes Förening

ABF (the Worker’s Educational Association) provides non-formal adult education (folk education) with focus on social class. We share the labour movement's values and fight for a free and progressive society. At our study association you can attend study groups, lectures and events. We have everything from dance classes, ceramic courses and book reading groups to educations on how to unionize at your first workplace! This is the place to get organised and learn together. Throughout the years we have arranged – together with activists, organisations and educators – activities and festivals about climate, anti-racism och feminism. Welcome!

ABF Malmö

We work in a project that promotes health and as a part of that we work with deployment of knowledge about children's right to health with focus on rights, body, identity, sexuality, consent and relations. Members have the possibility so support us in the deployment of the knowledge and coordinate events such as bookcircles, journal clubs, seminars and others in the line of our themes.


Majblomman is a non-profit children's rights organisation who works to counteract child poverty in Sweden. By distribute economical support, affect decisions and fund research we give children in Sweden the things that they are entitled to.

Fästpunkt 1

Limhamn Griffins

The Limhamn Griffins are one of Sweden's oldest American football associations, founded in 1988 when two other associations in Malmö merged. Today there are teams from age 11 and up for boys and girls, men and women. American football is a sport where everyone, no matter skills, size, age, experience, ... will find a place! It offers a unique form of community that promotes overall wellbeing and health by providing a safe and open environment where people can exercise and socialize. Through the diversity of the sport we provide a platform for people of all types of athletic backgrounds to join and thereby we contribute to people having an active lifestyle.

Limhamn Griffins

Trans- och Tjejjouren Malmö

Trans- och tjejjouren in Malmö is a feminist non-profit association providing support for girls, young women and/or trans people and nonbinary people between the ages 12 to 30 years. Our chat is open Tuesdays and Saturdays 19-21, and you can always email us at

We also work preventatively by holding workshops, visiting schools and youth centers, participating in festivals, events and fairs.

No previous experience is necessary to join Trans- och Tjejjouren i Malmö, but all members have to complete our training program, be between 18 to 35 years old and identify within the target group trans, nonbinary and/or young women.

Trans- och Tjejjouren - Open Your Eyes.png
Chatta med oss (5).jpg
vi finns här, oavsett.png
Fästpunkt 2

Malmökretsen av Svenska Röda Korset

The Malmö branch of the Swedish Red Cross is one of the biggest branches in Sweden. We work within many areas in Malmö in order to reflect the city's dynamic diversity. We have around 500 volunteers who are involved in one of the branch's 45 different groups.

Malmokretsen - Open Your Eyes (1).jpg
Malmökretsen - Open Your Eyes1 (1).jpg
Röda Korset Malmö

Avantgarde is an association for young feminists in Malmö.

Avantgarde started approximately 10 years ago and belongs to the nation organisation S-kvinnor.

In Malmö, the association works with outreach feminst organization, and has a place at Möllevångstorget.
There we arrange meetings, offer food and plan projects and campaigns.
Everyone is welcome to be active members or support members, no matter gender or age.

Next event will take place on the 4th of October: Häng med Avantgarde ♀ | Facebook

Dark Black and Orange Retro Art Exhibition Flyer.png

Malmö Kvinnojour

Malmö Kvinnojour is one of Sweden's oldest womens shelters with over 40 years of experience of protecting and supporting women and children who have been subjected to domestic abuse. We offer support through our helpline that you can reach by telephone, chat or e-mail. It's free of charge and you can choose to be anonymous when contacting us. We also offer sheltered housing as well as free counseling for both women and children.

Malmö Kvinnojour

Växtvärket is a Malmö based NGO and collective consisting of landscape architects, designers, gardening engineers and educators.

Together we work in the intersection of sustainable cities, participation, play and placemaking, with a focus on children an youth.

We facilitate a wide range of activities connecting to architecture, design, pedagogy, gardening and community engagement. We are the care-takers of some of Malmös and Swedens most unique public spaces such as Guldängens Adventure/Construction Playground and Naturmolnet a award winning urban oasis and pocket park.

(We are looking for motivated people that want to create greener, more democratic and playful cities, especially for the youngest ones. We are looking for different levels of commitment ranging from help with individual community events up to weekly support in one of our more permanent spaces. You will be working together with us and have lots of interaction with children and Malmö's diverse communities.

For this we need self-going, communicative and creative people. Backgrounds are less relevant bur preferably you have at least an interest in sustainability, urban issues, architecture, crafts and construction, design, communication and/or pedagogy. )


GAK Enighet

GAK Enighet was founded in 1892!
In 1986 we moved to Fagerstagatan where we still have our activities. Here at Enighet Sportcenter, we have a modern facility with 7 different training-halls and a large gym. We also have a Cafe´ & Sportshop and in the locker-rooms we have sauna & solarium.
The club has won both WC- and OG-gold. We have 11 different sections, for example kickboxning, thaiboxning and boxing. Also, a a lot of budo-sports such as karate, judo, taekwondo, aikido och kendo.


Changing Aspirations into Realities by Education

C.A.R.E. is a non-profit association whose main purpose is:

To promote, individually or in collaboration with other actors, courses and projects that are particularly aimed at migrant women in Malmö.
To offer these and other working women a meaninfful mission by getting involved as volunteers in association life.
The projects we have developed since 2016 have focus on education, training, and employability skills to enhance confidence and self-esteem, raise aspirations and provide opportunities and networks to improve the lives of women.
Our Mission:

We inspire and support women to gain the skills, confidence and wisdom they need to thrive in life, work and family. C.A.R.E.’s unique approach provides the accompaniment, projects and opportunities that empower women.


Malmö Ideella
Föreningslots Malmö

Malmö Ideella is an organisation that collaborates with the City of Malmö, when it comes to question concerning the best for the citizen in Malmö. It also collaborates with governmental bodies, such as the universities and foremost with Malmö University. 
One of the missions for Malmö Ideella is to help new citizens in Malmö find activities for children, youth, grown ups and more. It can be newcomers, students or others. 
We are at Open Your Eyes to Malmö to answer questions about activities if you do not find one amongst the other participating associations/organisations.

föreningslots2 fylld (2).png
Fästpunkt 3

Fenix Miljöförening

Founded in 2012, Fenix is a non-profit student organization with environmental policy and sustainable development as a basis. The goal of our organization is to create a commitment regarding the environment, sustainable development and fair trade among students of Malmö University. Our association wants to encourage, create public education and advocacy from an environmental and sustainable development perspective. 


Malmö Esperantoförening

We spread knowledge about the international language Esperanto to be used as everybody´s second-language in the interpersonal contact all over the world. We collaborate with other Esperanto-organisations for support and expansion.

Malmö Esperantoförening - Open Your Eyes.png
Malmö Esperanto

Aktiv Ungdom Malmö

Welcome to the association Aktiv Ungdom Malmö

We are a huge child- and youthassociation in Malmö with activities for children, youth and grown ups från 4 year and up - with dance classes, musical classes, theater classes and art & paint classes. During the year we also have many free activities, workshops, holiday activities in dance, art, design and much more.

Aktiv Ungdom Malmö

Rädda Barnen Malmö

At Rädda Barnen we work for every child's self-evident right to survive, develop and grupp in secure environments. 
As a volunteer, you are a part of making a real difference for children locally in your immediate area. No matter if you have an hour or are ready for a leader-role there is a mission for you.
Here and now for the future we change children's lifes - because secure children becomes secure adults. To save the children is to save the world.

Rädda Barnen Malmö - Open Your Eyes.jpg
Rädda Barnen Malmö

Humanisterna Syd

Humanisterna Syd is the southern local association within the association Humanisterna that covers Skåne and Blekinge. Humanisterna is a life-viewing organization that assumes that human reason, concern, and responsibility pave the way for a better world and stands guard over secular society and the separation between religion and politics. Humanists strives for human rights to be superior to religious dogmas, norms, and values.

Humanisterna Syd - Open Your Eyes.png
Humanisterna Syd

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2015, working to restore dignity and harmony for those experiencing displacement, poverty and crisis. Based in Sweden and Iraq, with offices in UAE, Switzerland, and the UK, we are a dedicated global team of staff, volunteers, partners and community members
motivated by our shared vision and values, to bring hope to people in need, globally.

bring hope logo.png
Bring hope

Fontänhuset Malmö

Fontänhuset Malmö is a Clubhouse for people with mental illness where members are offered work oriented rehabilitation and recovery. Central in the Clubhouse model is free will, the work-ordered day, community and reintegration in society.

Fontänhuset Malmö
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