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What does associations have to offer and what do you get out of volunteering?

KC Kompetenscenter has produced a number of films and interviews about being involved in associations.

Why not become a volunteer with Skåne Stadsmission?
Josefin Stegeland talks about her involvement as a volunteer with Skåne Stadsmission.

Smart map - easy to make climate-smart choices
Smarta Kartan Malmö is a platform that will make it easier for Malmö residents to find and take part in sharing initiatives in the city. The Smart Map lists places in Malmö where you can rent, exchange, borrow, give and receive. On the map there are, among other things, bicycle kitchens, exchange groups, open offices, loan points and digital platforms. Here, Olov Källgarn from the environmental administration at Malmö city talks about the Smart Map and how to use it for Olof Samuelsson, curator at Student Health at Malmö University.

The benefit of a non-profit commitment
Jakob Hallgren, ambassador

Jakob Hallgren talks about his work as Swedens ambassador to South Korea and how the experiences from his non-profit involvement earlier in life have been useful in his professional career. Jakob Hallgren grew up in Glumslöv outside Landskrona and has worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SIPRI, the Government Office, Folke Bernadotte Academy and has worked in Geneva, Sarajevo, etc.

Become a volunteer - your contribution is needed!
The volunteer agency

Do you want to get involved and make a difference? The volunteer agency tells you about the non-profit commitment and gives tips on what you can do to get started. In addition, you get to meet people who talk about their commitment.  

The culture helps me endure
Hannah "Hanutten" Harvigsson

A conversation with Hannah Harvigsson about power, desire, creation, emotions, doubt and performance. Hannah Harvigsson is a young musician, songwriter and artist in Malmö who has run and started several different projects, most recently the project "SAY IT - THEN DO IT" which received three-year funding from the heritage fund. In this conversation with Olof Samuelsson, Hannah shares her thoughts on being creative, collaborating with others and finding context to implement her ideas. The conversation is also about doubt, performance anxiety and the desire to create that can make it possible to put up with yourself, life and everyday life.

How can we create a better world?

Martin Nihlgård, Secretary General, Individual Human Aid
Martin Nihlgård talks about envolvement, democracy, gender equality challenges and what we ourselves can do to help create a better world. Martin Nihlgård is secretary general of Individuell Människohjälp, an aid organization based in Lund and active in about ten countries around the world. IM works to empower vulnerable individuals, especially women and young people, so that they can get out of poverty and exclusion on their own. Martin has previously been principal of Sundsgården folk high school.

Climate anxiety - But then DO something!
Ola Olefeldt and Olof Samuelsson, Student Health, Malmö University

Ola Olefeldt and Olof Samuelsson talk about how we can deal with climate anxiety and frustration that can come from the feeling that "I should do more" or "no one else cares". They give their view on how we can relate to climate anxiety and talk about finding the balance between "acting" and "letting go" and making decisions about ones actions that are sustainable in the long run both for oneself and the climate. Ola Olefeldt and Olof Samuelsson both work as counselors at Student Health at Malmö University where they meet many students both in individual conversations and in groups and lectures.  

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